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Lunacon Song Writing Contest. - Lunacon

About Lunacon Song Writing Contest.

Previous Entry Lunacon Song Writing Contest. Nov. 19th, 2012 @ 09:50 am Next Entry
Hello All!

Please forward this to all lists you feel appropriate

So we have something very special going on at Lunacon in that Leslie Fish will be performing an hour long concert. Thanks to her generosity, we will be able to offer a special prize for the winner of the regularly scheduled song Writing contest....

Now that the fund raiser has been run, we can offer a copy of the Leslie Fish Live Concert CD [to be delivered after the convention] to the winner of the contest. This will be Leslie's concert recorded live with an additional bonus track from the Classic Filk Song Circle. While the concert may be made commercially available, the bonus track will not be and will only be distributed on the Fund Raiser CD's [for those who donated] and on this prize CD!

Now I need word suggestions.
If you are familiar with the song writing contest, we select a number of unrelated words, announced Friday night and throughout the Con. Then the contestants must write a song including a minimum number of those words and perform it Sunday afternoon, after which a winner is selected!

So please send me any words you think might be worthy of the challenge at filk@lunacon.org!

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